Thursday, July 16

Sox "Desperate" to Rid Themselves of Lugo....No Kidding

There are "new" reports circling around the web that the Red Sox are"desperate" to trade Julio Lugo. Does this surprise anyone? Haven't all of us been desperate to get rid of the overpaid and irrationally confident shortstop pretty much since we got him?

Now, as the entire baseball market has the Sox over a barrel knowing that they need to move him, no one wants to touch him with a ten foot pole. And for good reason, the best production Boston has managed out of Lugo came in Spring Training this year when he hit close to .400.....I still can't believe many of us were foolish in harboring some optimism for him (myself included).

The Sox have Lowrie on the mend, Green as more than capable backup, and a 9.25 million dollar waste of space on their bench (not to mention he's taking up a valuable roster spot). In addition the Sox have made it their goal to build some young shortstops in their farm system in order to develop for the future. From signing an 18 year old Cuban defector, to forcing a single A pitcher into a shortstop role, to today's signing of a 16 year old Dominican who apparently is one of the best young talents on an island full of studs.

Make no mistake about it, the Sox are not happy with the revolving shortstop door, but between dumping Lugo for a bag of balls and prioritizing their scouting, I have confidence they'll get it done.


lone1c said...

Just a note about Casey Kelly, the single-A pitcher about whom you said the Sox were to "forcing . . . into a shortstop role": he actually would prefer to be an SS if possible. They had to convince him to pitch, not be an SS.

D Vicino said...

Ione1c....good point in regards to the use of the word force....although I can't imagine the Sox were all that disappointed in his desire to play short. I know he played both in high school, and has pitched fairly well this season despite a 1-4 record (3.09 era)...other than that, I’ve never seen the kid play or even watched many highlights.

God willing, he'll be something the Sox can work with at short.

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