Wednesday, July 15

Wake Doesn't Play, But Still Manages to Have a Good Time

(Couldn't pass up posting this shot)

Nothing like using a 42 (nearly 43) year-old "Just For Men" sponsor to stand with chicks half his age and promote hard booze. Good for Wakefield for making the most out of his trip to St. Louis. Tim Wakefield may not have gotten into last night's all-star game, but judging by the photo above, he still had a good time.

Also, this picture looks like it was taken at a house party....I'm wondering how Pap convinced Wake to forget about hunting, throw on his Sunday's best, and party with him.

I can't say I wasn't disappointed to not see the ageless wonder get a shot at dazzling the NL with floaters....but at the same time, I'm sure as hell pumped Crawford was able to make that catch to preserve what I hope to be homefield advantage for the Sox come late October.

Lastly, Wake should consider it a win that he made it out of St. Louis's not exactly the safest city in America....and something tells me he doesn't blend in well there.

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