Tuesday, July 21

Wakefield Goes on DL

Tim Wakefield will be making his yearly stint on the disabled list after straining his lower back during a bullpen session on Saturday.

Wakefield hasn't pitched since July 8th, prior to the All Star break, and while I would never suggest that Red Sox find reasons to give their pitchers small "vacations" under the pretenses of a trip to the DL, it certainly makes sense to give Wake a month of rest at his age.

Wake is 11-3 this year with an 4.31 era with 108.2 innings logged.

Clay Buchholz was recalled to the big club after being sent down after his first start of the year on Friday against the Blue Jays. Buchholz went 5.2 innings in that game allowing 4 hits and 1 run while striking out 3.

Buchholz will start tomorrow night in the finale against the Texas Rangers.

Wakefield's trip to the DL will temporarily silence the not so silent group clamoring for Buchholz to be put into the starting rotation permanently. Lackluster performances from John Smoltz and Brad Penny over the weekend following Buchholz's performance Friday night were followed with calls to trade Penny and give Smotlz spot to Buchholz.

Two things we do know, Wake's "vacation" and the success of Buchholz over the next 2-3 starts could impact how active the Sox are as we approach the July 31st trade deadline. Stay tuned sports fans...

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Soxin09' said...

By the looks of it, the Sox should be a lot less worried about their arms (esp with Dice-K out there somewhere) and worry a lot more about their silent bats! JD is batting .237 for christ's sake.

About ready to fall out of first place.

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