Thursday, July 9

Why Didn't I Start This Guy On My Fantasy Team??

A quick and completely selfish post here. The Sox are currently a back and forth battle with the Royals (which should never happen), but I can't help but be kicking myself for keeping David Ortiz on the pine in my fantasy league.

Ortiz sent another opposite field shot over the green monster a short time ago...making it three taters in his last 16 at bats. That, in part, naturally coincides with a boat load of RBI of late. Ortiz may just end the season with near David Ortiz-like numbers...something I would have bet the small apartment against just over a month ago.

The reason why it's really eating at me? I have Mark "I can't hit a thing" Teixeira in there in front of him. I take full blame for losing this week to a divisional rival because of not believing in a hometown guy. This is why fantasy baseball is bad for die-hard fans, it provides for a near constant conflict of interest. Not only do I already get mad when Pedroia pops out to shallow right, but I freak out because of the fantasy baseball ramifications. When did watching baseball become anything more than rooting for your hometown team? Those days seem long, gone, and hard to find. Regardless bad management and a lack of faith won't lead to a successful season of any kind...real or fantasy.

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