Monday, July 13

Tater Derby is Just Not the Same

(Prince Fielder took home the title on a night that failed to really impress)

Members of the ITM staff are still shaking off the cobwebs from a weekend long bachelor party straight out of the movies. However we were still able to take advil and drink enough gatorade to get together for tonight's tater derby.

For Tim, the event is the second coming of Christmas....we probably yell some combination of "tater" and/or "yahtzee" 931 times, and it never gets old.......honestly, how my fiance` still plans on marrying me is unreal.

This year however, something was missing. We screamed, yelled, and tried to get excited, but other than Fielder's 503 foot bomb, it just wasn't there. Maybe it's the lack of laced steroids and HGH, perhaps the weekend was still taking its toll on us, but it's pretty safe to say that the event just isn't the same without performance-enhancing elements.

We've clearly been mislead by the unnatural results of years past, and I'm 100% behind cleaning up the game, but I sure do miss the craziness of the fabricated years..... least Brandon Inge made J-Bay feel a little better by matching his goose egg from 05'.

Go Sox...and Go AL All Stars.


Anonymous said...

Agreed, it was Bo-ring.
3 LA fans

Anonymous said...

Made for tv competitions take place for the entertainment baseball neophytes. The derby is nothing more than a glorified BP session. I enjoyed the 1st couple but novelty is back, back, back,back, GONE!

Soxin09' said...

Worst derby in years by far. I agree that Boomer's gig is getting old, fast.

Still wanted Bay in there too.

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