Monday, August 24

BoSox Bandit Blackguards Big Apple

All right, this one was too good not to share. There was a strange thing happening this weekend in New York. I didn't bring it up sooner because it didn't seem right to take the focus off the baseball. But while the Sox and the Yanks were clashing in Boston, back in New York, the rivalry was reaching new heights. This was Friday morning's cover headline in the NY Post: "BoSox Bandit!"

That's right. New York City has a BoSox Bandit, "a knife-wielding mugger wearing a Boston Red Sox cap." This year, the Bandit has already committed 13 stickups in the New York subways. In addition to the Red Sox cap, he is described as being between six foot and six foot two, age somewhere between 20 and 25, operating primarily uptown on the A train line. This has not made your intrepid ITM correspondent's commute any easier. But what's a six foot one, 26 year old supposed to do? Not wear his Sox cap when the Yanks are in the Fens? 'Tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, I say. Brave it. The result? Stares. Some sliding down on the benches, giving room for the Holy Ghost of the MTA, so to speak. A couple wise cracks. One threatened arrest at the federal courthouse. In jest. I think.

My own petty complaints aside, the fact remains that some Red Sox nation ne'er do well is in my adopted home giving us all a bad name. He's throwing blades around in broad daylight and targeting primarily young women. Unacceptable. If he doesn't get caught soon, it might be time for the BLOHARDS to put together a posse. (BLOHARD = Benevolent and Loyal Order of Honorable and Ancient Red Sox Diehard Sufferers of New York. I'm not making that up, either. They've been around since the Impossible Dream season of '67. Look 'em up. There's all sorts of great Red Sox stuff happening here in the belly of the beast.) Red Sox Nation cleans up its own messes. So spread the word. This is the type of unsportsmanlike crap up with which we will not put!

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D Vicino said...

Your last paragraph sounds like you're an Italian from Boston's North End. I like it....but seriously, don't take off the Sox hat...don't you dare.

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