Wednesday, August 26

Pap in a Nutshell

Red Sox GM Theo Epstein looked to put an end to the Papelbon brouhaha earlier today. There's not much to this story, but you gotta appreciate it anyway.

According to WEEI, Theo brought Pap in for a long chat regarding his comments on newly-acquired reliever Billy Wagner. Pap, as well all knew, was generally dismissive of the man, comparing him to Eric Gagne and vocalizing some concerns as to bullpen chemistry.

After the chat, Theo put the word out the Wagner-Papelbon enmity is a non-story, and summed up the Papelbon summit this way: "I think Pap feels he was misunderstood. He's not a Rhodes Scholar to begin with. When I talked to him directly about it he couldn't have been more excited."

There's Pap in a nutshell. Not a Rhodes Scholar. Wicked excited. All is well in the bullpen. Gotta love him.

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