Wednesday, August 26

Is that you David?

For a second tonight, I was back in college...drinking beers on a Weds night, watching the Sox, screaming as David Ortiz hit a walk off homerun, and seeing Dennis Drinkwater (with a rocket up his ass) nearly in his car by the time the ball landed. Only it wasn't 2004, it's late August of 2009, the Sox are in the middle of a pennant race, and Ortiz is on fire.

The night belongs to Ortiz, but knuckleballer Tim Wakefield needs his fair share of credit. He threw 94 pitches, 73 for strikes, allowing just four hits and one run over seven innings (see how much he poured?). The potential number three starter in a hypothetical playoff series showed signs of a tight calf, but was still able to produce quality innings. In my opinion, the rotation clearly depends on consistency of Wake and Buchholz, we should consider Tazawa, Penny, Byrd, Bowden, etc, only as potential add ins in the revolving door that is the 5th that, if and when the Sox make the playoffs, won't see any playing time (or at least they better not).

As for Big Papi...don't look now, but he could somehow end up with close to 30 taters and over 100 many of us thought that was even close to possible just a few short months ago when he was hitting -.007? Good for you Ortiz, PEDs or not, you're shoving it down the collective ITM throat. In addition, he's quietly creeping up the all time walk off homerun list with 10, with the all time leader having 12, that record could easily fall before Ortiz puts his eye drops down.

Most importantly, the Sox gained games on both the Rangers and the Rays tonight. Good night all around, hump day notwithstanding. Go Sox.


Soxin09' said...

“Victor, man, he just push me, man,’’ Ortiz said. “Every at-bat since he’s been here, he just get in my face and start screaming at me and everything. I like it, I really like it. He gets me in the mood.’’

Manny who???????

Joe Murph said...

I was pretty sure he was done, I'll admit. That Victor quote gets me pumped.

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