Friday, August 28

The V-Mart Man Crush Grows

Red Sox catcher/first baseman/David Ortiz energizer Victor Martinez briefly spoke about a possible contract extension with the team before last night's loss. The Sox hold a team option on V-Mart for the 2010 season worth $7.5 million (please pause to remind yourself that JD is making 14+ million).

In summary, according to V-Mart: “Who wouldn’t want to play here in Boston? It’s up to them, but from my side, I would want to stay here... Hopefully they want to do something. I would be more than happy to sit down and talk.”

It's fair to say Red Sox Nation would likely light small animals on fire if V-Mart's option isn't picked up. Combine his performance on the field, influence on David Ortiz (see Soxin09's comment on the previous post), overall work ethic, and desire to stay here in Boston and you've got some serious man love. Add to that the fact that he is the leader of the celebration handshake...which has been severely lacking since Coco and Manny departed, and you may be able to see why TMurph calls him "V-daddy". Still a tad over the top in my book.

Off the field value aside, he's raking in the middle of Boston's lineup. After 24 games he's batting .313, with 5 taters, 18 rbi, 14 runs scored, an OBP of .385 while slugging .521.

Theo, sign him. Sign him and Gonzo....and sign them now, this way I don't have to light TMurph's cat on fire down the road (I'm kidding, there is no real cat, but you get the point...I'm serious).

Beckett on the mound tonight, Brady behind center....Go Boston.

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