Sunday, September 20

Don't Look Now...

The Red Sox pitching staff is shaping into playoff form at the exact right time, meanwhile, the Yankees are struggling to find playoff-ready pitchers.

The Sox won again today, 9-3 over the god-awful Orioles. Dice-K continued his journey back to 2007 form with a strong outing. Meanwhile, on the West coast, the Yanks got pummelled by Seattle 7-1. The Joba experiment was dealt another blow today as the hurler was shelled for 7 earned runs over just three innings.

So don't look now, but the Red Sox are arguably the hottest team in baseball, the AL Wildcard is in the bag, and the Yanks are struggling to find any consistency. As a result, the Sox sit only 4 games back in the loss column. With the Yanks moving on to face the Angels in So Cal, and the Sox still on their schedule for three games this upcoming weekend, the possibility is there....I'm not expecting it....but, I'm just saying, it's there.

Now I've had multiple conversations with the other ITM writers about the AL East, and they continue to tell me to calm down, we don't need the division, let's get our pitching in order. And while I'm in agreement with them, there is a big part of me that still wants the East, not at the expense of our playoff potential, but still, I want it. I'm just saying...


Anonymous said...

No need to stress about the AL East. I'll take the wild card and our chances agaisnt the Angels anyday.

So long as we're healthy and continuing to hit, it doesn't matter how we get there. Plus, I'm not sure I'd be excited about Verlander twice against the Tigers.

Joe Murph said...

I might be reading the situation wrong, but my guess is it's going to be against the Twins.

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