Tuesday, September 22

A Quick Salute to Tazawa

I'm pretty sure I just learned how to properly pronounce Junichi Tazawa's name about two weeks ago. Just in time to learn the rookie pitcher from the Japanese Industrial League was placed on the 60-day disabled list with a left groin strain.

Honestly, I think Tazawa deserves a Boston salute (no, not the middle finger) for his out of the blue surprising service this season. Coming into the year, little was known about the 22 year old, most knew he had some potential, but never expected to see him dominate the minors and certainly not produce multiple quality starts in the bigs. Sure, his numbers in the majors don't look impressive (7.46 era), but they're incredibly inflated due to a few bad starts that bookended many productive and significant outings in between.

Tazawa helped keep the Red Sox rotation afloat during their darkest hours in August, a part of the season that should not be overlooked. Keeping in mind he was lights out in Portland and Pawtucket (sub 2.50 ERA), he's likely to show up in spring training next year feeling like he can contribute to the major league club yet again.

....and good thing for spell check, I may be able to pronounce his name, but I spell it differently every time.

Greinke tonight, should be a great game for baseball fans who never get to see this stud pitch. Go Sox.

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