Thursday, October 29

Vote for Pedro

After Cliff Lee's insanely studly performance last night, the Phillies, and Red Sox fans for that matter, look to 38 year old Pedro Martinez tonight in game two at Yankee Stadium. I'm not going to talk about his aging fastball, career success in New York, or even bring up that time he threw 104 year old and certifiably insane Don Zimmer around like a rag doll. We all know the Pedro vs the Bronx rivalry, but tonight is likely to be the last chapter.

The Phils stunned the Yankees and their arrogant fans last night by getting out to an early lead and never looking back. In fact, by the later innings, with the score 5-0 or 6-1, multiple camera shots showed hundreds, if not thousands of empty seats. Now that's what I call a fan base. It's only the world series, you only paid 2,000 bucks for the seat, "It's Giardi's fault, we'll get em next let's go get our swell on in the gym and drink protein shakes in our basements."

Here's hoping Pedro comes out with his "Coming to America-like jerry curl, and can revert back to 1999 Petey for one last hurrah in NYC (ITM side note: odds that he actually gets shelled tonight is currently about 2 to 1).

Prima Donna or not, it's times like this that I start to miss Pedro....(thanks to for the vid)

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