Sunday, November 8

The Search at Short Continues?

It's officially the 2010 season. Here at ITM we'll try to avoid mentioning the culmination of the 2009 season at all costs, as well as write in during the off season to discuss potential deals, moves, and prospects leading up to Spring Training.

News out of the Sox camp today is that they have officially declined a 6 million dollar option for Alex Gonzalez. This is not to say the Sox won't try to bring Gonzo back for the already much-anticipated 2010 season, they're just telling everyone that 6 million is far too high a price to pay. It is quite likely the Sox will continue to negotiate with Gonzo, hoping to sign the 32 year old with gold glove talent to a cheaper deal. The interesting part of this move is that the Sox had until the end of the month to decline the option, thus sending Gonzo into free agency sooner than expected.

This news comes just days after the Sox reportedly asked about J.J. Hardy. Hardy has been on Boston's radar since the trading deadline, but an asking price of either Bard or Buchholz kept the Sox from getting too serious about bringing the 27 year old (who has some legit pop in his bat, albeit, National League pop) to Fenway.

I recently spent a lot of time on a plane coming back from a business trip to India, and while flying somewhere over Iran, a sharp fear ran through my body...."what if the Sox don't pay for Gonzo, and in this terrible free agent market, end up with Lowrie at short?" The German guy sitting next to me didn't answer, but he looked just as scared as I felt....i'm sure he shared my concern.

Currently, with Gozno officially a free agent, the Sox don't have a legit short stop on their roster for next season. Would I be willing to pay the full 6 million for Gonzo to allow me to breathe a little easier every time I fly over Iran? Considering how much we paid for Rentawreck and Lugo, absolutely I would....

Go Sox

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