Monday, November 16

2010 Sox Ticket Prices to Increase

The great recession you say? What of it? Swept out of the ALDS in crushing fashion? Who cares. Ticket prices at America's most beloved ball park are going up next year. One year after freezing prices, the average seat at Fenway will rise again in 2010....although it appears the most significant increases will be felt by the pink hats, which is fine by me....

Lower bleacher, infield grandstands and right field box seats will be increased by two dollars....while loge, field box, and the coveted green monster seats will jump by five bucks each.

Enter management's media spin.. "63 percent of the tickets at Fenway park will be 52 bucks or less." Yeah, thanks a lot. 52 dollars at most other parks would last me the entire game. In Kansas City, I could buy half the team. Instead, in Boston, add in 30+ dollars for parking, outragoues food prices, and 8+ bucks per adult beverage, and an "average" night at friendly Fenway will run well north of $150.

As a result of the Yankees building that monstrosity of a complex 300 miles Southwest of Boston, the Sox had the second-highest average ticket price in 2009 at $50.24, while the Yanks rumbled in at $72.97.

In the grand scheme of things, nothing much will change. The franchise’s record sellout streak of 550 games will continue, fans will fight in the bleachers and I'll pay for a few too many adult beverages every time I go.

First chance for dibs on tickets for the 2010 season will be at the team’s annual Christmas at Fenway celebration on December 21.....take it from this guy who went last's a great chance to get tickets early and often, but irrational spending may require you to take out additional lines of credit.


Soxin10' said...

The real question is, will this get us Adrian Gonzalez?

D Vicino said...

Sox, I hate that you had to change your tag name, but I love the baseball off season.

If we believe Ortiz, the Sox need to land both Gonzo and King Felix to keep up with the Yanks. Me? I'd be estatic with just one. Something tells me neither will happen, but if I had to guess, I'd say Felix has the greater chance of coming East.

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