Friday, November 20

Big Papi the GM?

David Ortiz is in fairytale land and playing GM again. The just turned 34 year old spoke out yesterday, providing the media with his thoughts on Boston's off season needs:

“Everybody was looking at me like I was a clown,’’ Ortiz said yesterday at Fenway Park, dropping an expletive to make his point. “I said we needed another 30-home run hitter. Everybody was talking trash. There you go. Now what?’’.....

“You want to compete with those guys across the street? You better bring it. Period,’’ Ortiz said, referencing the Yankees. “We always need help. We need guys capable to produce. Not only us, everybody. That’s what everybody chases in the off season, guys that can come in and provide power, RBIs....

“This is a team that plays in the [American League] East division. Everything is powerful right here. You saw the world champions in the East. You have Tampa Bay in the East. You have the Blue Jays getting stronger every year in the East. You have Baltimore that you don’t know if they’re going to come and kick your [butt] all year along in the East.

“This division is hard to play. You need to get stronger.’’

And finally, in regards to landing either Adrian Gonzalez or King Felix...

“If I can get both of them, I bring them in,’’ he said. “Problem solved.’’

So there you go, it's that easy. Apparently, Ortiz has all the answers, I'm sure Theo is taking notes as he reads this. Seriously, do you think Theo reads stuff like this and shakes his head with a chuckle? Or does he sink whisky, fire a junior analyst, rehire him, and then break his glass by throwing it against the wall? I'm going with the latter.

Is it time for Spring Training yet?

and PS: it's been confirmed that Theo hates Jed Lowrie....hates.

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Anonymous said...

Say what you want, but Papi was right last year.

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