Wednesday, December 16

Adrian Gonzalez.....Yes?...No?...Maybe?

Days like today take years off my life. Really, the same can be said for everyday since the winter meetings got cranking.

Anyways, first, studly first basemen Adrian Gonzalez was "being targeted" by the Red Sox, in a matter of hours, miraculously, multiple sources were reporting that a deal of Gonzalez for Buchholz and Ellsbury would be finished before Christmas, still later, media outlets stated there was no chance in hell the Sox would package both of their young studs in a deal together....and now, WEEI is reporting:

"Multiple major league sources suggest that rumors of progress in talks between the Red Sox and Padres about a deal involving San Diego slugger Adrian Gonzalez have been dramatically overstated. One source said that there was nothing to the idea that trade talks are heating up."

All this, in one day? Give a fan a break for God's sake. Talk about a roller coaster of emotion....I'm sure people walking by my desk today saw me doing cartwheels, followed by biting my nails, and then crying.

Just think about what this man could do in Fenway Park. Honestly, 50 taters wouldn't be realm of possibility. Between A-Gon actually having lineup protection, seeing some good pitches to hit, and the friendly dimensions of Fenway....this guy would absolutely rake in Boston. Plus, have you ever seen anyone look more Mexican than Adrian Gonzalez?? Honestly, I'm not even kidding, it's amazing. I know he's from Cali, but he should win an award, it's impressive...

All that said, A-Gon for both Buchholz and Jacoby? I'm not 100 percent sold on that about completely reshaping the franchise....thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Ellsbury is a rare talent, and is the face of the red sox. Players like Gonzalez are nice to have, but Ellsbury is the guy who needs to make things happen at the top of the lineup in order for the sox to score some runs.

Keep Jacoby at all costs.

Tim Murphy said...

Jacoby didn't even score 100 runs last year, I'll drive him to the airport. Buchholz called shot gun.

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