Thursday, December 17

Good Timing, Jacoby

The trade rumors have been swirling for days....scuffles have broken out between best friends (including ITM writers) over whether or not to move Jacoby Ellsbury in a trade for Adrian Gonzalez.... as the days are going by, we're starting to question Jacoby's ultimate ceiling, his arm, and his ability to get on base as a leadoff hitter....

...and then he goes out and gets voted major league baseball's defensive player of the year (according to a vote put together by While I'd never say Jacoby isn't a great defensive player, I tend to think Red Sox Nation must have been out in full force in regards to the award. Jacoby committed just two errors in 2009, the first of his career. He has safely put away his other 772 chances in the big leagues for a fielding percentage of .997. Ells makes an amazing catch every other week and covers the gaps well with his speed....especially since, more often than not, JD Drew is pulling up with a twinge in his hammy as he runs to right center to field a gapper.

That said, Jacoby's arm continues to remind me of Johnny Damon's...although he has a slightly less girly motion to it, the ball itself doesn't travel any faster. Roger Dorn could score from first on a grounder up the middle.

So Jacoby goes out there and gets himself some more ink....maybe this is enough for Jed Hoyer to pull the trigger on a deal that only includes Jacoby and others instead of both he and Buchholz for Adrian.... all reality this award means absolutely nothing, and won't have any influence on ultimate decision making, but it's nice to think about....

PS: Somehow, when I clicked on the link and I almost expected to see Derek Jeter's name as the defensive player of the year. That's how brainwashed I believe this country is about that guy. Dumb.

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Soxin10' said...

There is a disconnect between the "experts" who pound numbers all day and scream that Ellsbury is not a top CF with his glove, and those of us who watch him play every night.

Tough to throw rocks at Jeter's year in 2009, but his range has definitely decreased. I will revert to the numbers to prove that though :)

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