Thursday, December 3

By Far the Worst News of My Day....

According to

Marco Scutaro, a free-agent shortstop who could potentially fill Boston's void at the position next season, worked out for the Red Sox earlier this week, sources told's Jerry Crasnick. Scutaro worked out for Allard Baird this week near Scutaro's home in Florida, according to the report. Baird is an assistant to Sox GM Theo Epstein. The workout was reportedly held to help alleviate concerns the Red Sox had over a heel injury that sidelined Scutaro for the final two weeks of 2009.

According to another report, Scutaro told Augusto Cardenas, a reporter for the Venezualan newspaper Diario Panorama, that the Red Sox have asked for Scutaro's medical records.
"The people of Boston called again and asked for my medical report, and [we] are working on it," Scutaro told Diario Panorama. "I have to go to a doctor to confirm that I am OK about the injury I had at the end of the season."

Scutaro hit .284 with 12 home runs and 60 RBIs for the Blue Jays last season. He was offered salary arbitration by the Blue Jays this week, meaning Toronto will receive draft picks if another team signs the shortstop.

The Sox, of course, are in need of a shortstop following the departure of Alex Gonzalez. While Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia has said he'd be open to switching positions, allowing the Sox flexibility to go after either a shortstop or a second baseman this offseason, Pedroia's position switch is likely not the team's first option."

And down goes Theo!...let's face it, the man can draft players, but when it comes to staffing a shortstop, you might as well have the bearded guy from The Hangover running the team. Talk about being over leveraged. on a 19 year old Cuban ballplayer who has yet to play single A ball. Terrible.

Before you go to bed tonight, say a prayer that this isn't true....because awesome name or not, we'll be overpaying for a class A free agent past his prime and career .265 hitter. But I'm sure Theo will be quick to tell us his OBP was 3rd among AL shortstops last year on cloudy days with an above average temperature against AL West opponents. Yes, you read that right.

12/4 Update: I was hoping I would wake up this morning and it would all have been a bad dream. At last it isn''s true, Theo pulled the trigger and now I've been spending my morning thinking of an annoying nickname I can call him from the bleachers. I hope to Christ he proves me, and every other angry Bostonian I've talked to today, tremendously wrong.

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Marco's Mom said...

The media seems to be turning on it today, trying to spin it as a great deal. I remain skeptical at best.

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