Thursday, December 3

Sayounara Saito

First Wagner, now Saito.

Boston's 2009 bullpen continues to head south to that dump of a city called Atlanta. If a report from CBSSportsline is to believed, Takashi Saito is prepared to sign a one-year, $3 million deal with the Braves. That after I just learned how to spell and pronounce the guy's name....figures.

Saito stayed healthy and pitched well for the Sox in 09', registering a 2.43 ERA as a middle-innings guy. As a result, he was able to reach many of his performance-related contract incentives.

According to the report, "the Red Sox were interested in bringing Saito back to Boston, and the pitcher (who will turn 40 on Valentine's Day) was interested in remaining with the Sox. However, it appears that the Braves were able to make a more attractive offer." When have we heard that before??

The GM meetings are coming, time to get ready to be all over the refresh button as we freak out over deals completely fabricated by agents, players, the media, and even the GM's themselves. In Theo we trust??

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Soxin10' said...

All of a sudden Theo has some work to do in the bullpen now as well. What's with all of the "the Sox were going to offer XXX" only to have the athlete take off.

Atlanta huh? At least they'll capitalize on the fairy lineups of the NL.

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