Tuesday, December 8

Day Two....I'm Inching Closer to Insanity

Theo is trying to get me to jump out of my window at work, I'm sure of it.

The "little progress" statement he made tonight does little to calm my nerves....All while the Yanks continue to make moves and get better.

It's day two, and we all know it's a long off season, however, being a member of Red Sox Nation allows me to overreact. The members of the ITM staff have already begun trying to convince ourselves that simply signing J-Bay may be enough to keep us thoroughly in the mix and a World Series contender in 2010.

The problem is, J-Bay may very well be playing on the West coast in 5 months, and this team needs more than its returning squad + Scutaro in order to contend with the Yanks (which for all intents and purposes, for 2010, that's all that matters).

Apparently, ITM'ers need to take a note from Tito...who somehow, has learned to take all the questions and stress of an off season in Boston lightly:

"I'm sure when we head down to Fort Myers we'll have a left fielder. We always do. They're really good about that."

Oh Tito, you're getting good at this....but that doesn't help me any....

The good news? According to Jerry Crasnick: The Darren Oliver market is starting to pick up. Among the interested teams: Boston, Tampa Bay, Texas, the Mets and his old club, the Angels.

Awesome, just awesome....gotta love the idea of 48 year-old Darren Oliver returning to Boston to lead us to the promise land.

So sleep tight, continue to search the websites for countless rumors,and hope Theo has a better end to the week than beginning.

I'll be the guy who can't sit still in the office tomorrow....I'm not freaking out yet, I swear.

11:15pm Update: Yes I'm still checking for trade rumors while I should be doing grad school work...or sleeping...so what? Anyways, the real kicker in all this mess is how relaxed J-Bay is....ITM just learned he's currently vacationing in Hawaii with not a worry in the world. Must be nice. Meanwhile I'll be in Boston's financial district talking to anyone who will listen to me about BS trade rumors.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there. I think the Yanks are done with outfielder's so Theo should get something done with J Bay or Holiday. My take is they sign one of them, P/U some pitching to shore up the bullpen and the wait until next year for a big name or two. Alway's the optimist. On the other hand, I hope your office windows are shatterproof.

DVicino said...

...I'm pretty sure they're shatterproof...but they'll be tested if the rumor that the Sox are interested in Coco Crisp is true (assumingly as a backup?).

No real big news yet today outside of the Yanks deal being finalized and Casey Kelly being bumped up to Double A next year.

Fingers crossed.

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