Thursday, December 10

Don't Trust the Mets to be Rational

Quick post here to note news is breaking that the Mets are sending Jason Bay an offer. My initial reaction was...."no worries, it's the Mets, they'll manage to screw something up." But just as I settled back into some work I realized....that's exactly why I should be concerned.

You see, the Mets have an uncanny ability to overpay individuals who inevitably either get hurt, get caught with illegal fireworks (or firearms), abuse their wives, or just plain suck. While I'm not saying J-Bay fits into any of those categories, I remain concerned that the Mets will come in with an irrational offer of 5 years and 100 million dollars just to get some ink. Think about it, would that really surprise you? The answer is no, because they're just that dumb.

With the goal of the off season changing before our eyes this week....from landing multiple big name merely signing Jason Bay and holding on for dear life....the inability of the Mets to judge, value, and build talent concerns me here.

ITM side note: How many Ramirez' is one major league team allowed to have? If this BS Mike Lowell trade goes through, we may be approaching ITM's internal assumption limit of 7.

Fingers remain crossed.


Tom said...

Really not happy with the things I'm hearing so far this offseason..

Soxin10'-Maybe said...

If you're happy with the way things are going, you're not a Red Sox fan. Even if they bring in Beltre, I'm not excited for 2010 at all.

The Mets????? Who are they kidding?

See How Much I Poured? said... times this week I've contemplated if it's just easier to be a pink hat and not let it ruin my week, month, winter. Clearly that won't happen, but the fact is that this team has frustrated us to the point where we’re thinking twice about going to Ft. Myers for Spring Training this year. least we got Boof Bosner today. How long until we get shirts that say "You just got Boofed"? keep in mind this guy willingly changed his name to Boof....given name is John Paul. Laughable signing.

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