Monday, December 21

Merloni: Lowell's Cupcake Surgery No Issue

("Thanks, Beautiful")

Is it just me, or is Lou Merloni's mug everywhere these days? From WEEI radio and blogging, to the Baseball Show on Saturdays, to Comcast Sportsnet, you can't go to bathroom in Boston without seeing or hearing from Framingham Lou.

Now, Lou is dropping knowledge as doctor Merloni. On Comcast Sportsnet last night, he was explaining the cup cake of a surgery Lowell is likely to have next week on his thumb. According to Lou, (who has had the same exact surgery), the problem is on the outside of his thumb and Lowell will be back to 100percent in 4 weeks.

Anyway Lou could put that in writing and sing off on the guarantee for Texas???

Either way, it's good news for everyone. Including those who want Lowell out of Boston in 2010. If the Sox expect to have any chance of dealing the third basemen for more than a bag of baseballs, he's going to have to show up to spring training completely healthy, in shape, and absolutely rake for the entire month of March.

Let's face it, the Sox have made no secret about their desire to deal Lowell, they've been making failed attempts to do so since Nam'. Luckily, Mike Lowell is the epitome of class and continues to sacrifice life and limb (literally) for the Sox.

(ITM sidenote, the man does gets paid a ridiculous salary of 12 million a me that and I'll do anything you ask me to...seriously, anything).

Unfortunately for everyone involved, there is unlikely to be an easy solution and/or deal for Lowell prior to the Ft Myers truck day....even if Lou Merloni says this injury is no worse than stubbing your little toe.

In my mind, the damage is done, there is no chance Lowell comes back to play for the Red least in years past they tried to deal him in order to get superstar players in return (Todd Helton and Teixeira)...but now they're looking to dump him for a catcher who can hit but can't catch (...just like Lowell's situation at third), and pay the Rangers 9 million dollars for taking him. Did Mike Lowell kick someone in management's dog or something?

Between his bad luck at staying healthy and Boston's constant desire to move him, Mike Lowell has every right to be pissed....but he won't show it on the field. And he won't show it in a Boston uniform in 2010.


Bill said...

I really thought Lowell was a good signing when they inked him. It is a shame he has just been plagued with injuries.

See How Much I Poured? said...

A shame indeed. It is amazing to look back and see how it has all worked out for him.

The huge contract may have been the worst thing to happen to him....outside of the cancer (twice), the hip thing, and now this thumb surgery....

Anonymous said...

I don't care if he's pissed off and playing third base on one leg. Having him out there instead of Kotchman is an improvement.

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