Saturday, December 19

Mike Lowell is falling apart, deal is off...

Taking a quick break from waiting to be douched on with snow to write in that.....the Mike Lowell deal is dead. According to the Herald:

"The Red Sox third baseman was expected to be dealt to the Rangers as soon as tomorrow, but an exam on his right thumb revealed a torn radial collateral ligament in his right thumb which will require surgery, according to a major league source."

"He will have the surgery sometime after Christmas and will be sidelined six to eight weeks, though he’s expected to be ready for spring training."

So as Mikey Lowell continues to tear muscles and break bones as I type, it appears he'll be staying with the Sox. I do however, wonder why it took this long to diagnose that he needed the surgery. Certainly, no other team is likely to take a flier on an aging third basemen coming off major hip surgery and now a new procedure to put his thumb back together.
The implications of the new found injury will be interesting to watch unfold. Many believed Max Ramirez was likely to be included in a bigger, more significant deal for a power bat. In addition, given how poorly they've treated their thirdbasemen over the past few off seasons, is it even possible to bring him back in a Red Sox uniform in 2010?

Mikey Lowell is a great guy....someone who brings the clubhouse together in a number of different ways....but counting on Lowell to produce in 2010 would be a mistake. There is an undeniable need for a power bat in Boston's lineup....which may be more difficult as a result of Lowell's upcoming surgery. This guy deserves a continuously reserved room at MGH...he's earned it.

Revert to plan B Theo....or by now, that may be plan G.

Let it snow.

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