Monday, February 22

Jacoby "Willie Mays Hays" Ellsbury?

Jacoby Ellsbury has come into the preseason bulked up and ready to assume his new role in left field. He has also commented that he wants to, and will, hit more taters this year.

A young, hyped outfielder with blazing fast speed....moving to a traditionally power hitting corner outfield spot.....putting on muscle and looking to drop more bombs....where have we heard this before? That's right, Major League Two and the one and only Willie Mays Hays.

Next thing you know Ellsbury will be staring in a terrible action film with Steven Seagal. Undoubtedly with a title that makes reference to his Native American background.

In all seriousness I know Jacoby is far too smart to go to that extreme, but I hope he doesn't take the saying "chicks dig the longball" too seriously. I keep knocking on wood that he doesn't adjust his swing at all. With any luck, he'll use some of the energy hes saves in his legs by playing the short left field to steal more bases.Maybe even stealing home right in Andy Pettite's mug again.

ITM note - anything and everything can be tied back to either Major League Two, Tommy Boy or Spaceballs. Just ask T Murph.


Soxin10' said...

Black Hammer/White Lightning looked like a damn good movie.

Jacoby could star alongside Jackie Chan in order to incorporate an Asian element within the title

See How Much I Poured? said...

Jackie Chan is certainly an option.....Vin Diseal's ethnicity is too confusing...but Brian Scal could work...

That all said, I truly hope Ells doesn't attempt to significantly change his swing or plate approach. I doubt he will, but the quotes are somewhat concerning.

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