Thursday, February 25

A Love/Hate Relationship with Spring Training (and the city of Boston)

Today's monsoon got me thinking about Ft Myers. Eventually my mind wandered to last year when T Murph and I stayed at a Ft Myers pub a few rounds too long and he decided to climb on top of a huge satellite TV truck (which seemed like a great idea to both of us at the time), only to end up with some kind of questionable crap all over him (he says it was tar, I say it was guano).

Anyways, I digress. The spring is young, the Sox have yet to even annihilate BC, yet I find myself already complaining about how long Spring Training is.

I know I'll be down South in just a few weeks so I really can't complain, but we're talking about "Professional athletes" who "need" nearly two months to get ready to do their day jobs. Most players, fans, and owners agree it's far too long, so when will uncle Bud do something about it?

Maybe it's because there are suckers like us here at ITM who spend dumps of money to head down there and watch these guys take hundreds of grounds or cover first off the mound.

It's an amazingly drawn out process that involves the veterans (see JD Drew) requiring rest and watching nameless rookies or minor leaguers (see #96 in your Red Sox manual) on the diamond.

Call it current anger with Boston's current weather, call it a random soap box rant, I don't care, I just wish they'd shorten things up by two weeks and stop playing significant games in the snow of late October and early November.

They are the boys of summer after all.

ITM Note: Typed this on the bberry on the T while experiencing "switch problems"...followed two stops later by "disabled trains".... for the second day in a row. The Bostonian anger grows.


Anonymous said...

I agree on it being too long, but it'll never change. We can complain all we want, but they'll spread the season (and the money) out as long as possible.

DVicino said...


...unfortunately truth....

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