Sunday, March 21

Diçe-K Update

Little live blogging as we take in some BP at the City of Palms Park.

ITM sat beside the beat writers, press (mostly Japanese), as well as Theo and his entourage to watch Dice-k throw in a simulated game against some nervous minor leaguers.

We've got some good pictures and video we'll be posting later on; but it's safe to say Dice-K looks to be in great shape and showed no ill effects of his recent physical set backs.

The Dice man went a little over 2 innings, allowing no hits and walking one. He looked strong, pumping fastballs past hitters and using off speed pitches to keep the kids swinging and missing.

He still failed to really attack hitters, and needs to shake off some additional early rust, but he was effective.

It was definitely an anticipated event, with lots of press and cameras on hand, a far cry from yesterday's loose and free feeling. Theo watched quietly and said little....the same could be said for pitching coach John Farrell.

This morning left us feeling cautiously optimistic about Dice-K. Fingers crossed for continued positive progression.

Ok, it's nearly game time here, with nearly the full squad in the starting lineup and Lester on the mound.

More to come later, Go Sox.

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