Saturday, March 20

A Quick Recap From Ft Myers

ITM just returned to our disaster of a hotel room after a great day of baseball. We were lucky enough to meet, take a picture, and briefly chat with Jose Iglesias after morning workouts at the minor league complex a few miles away from City of Palms Park. Safe to say our tails were wagging in excitement.

After stalking Casey Kelly for a bit, and learning that he was the starting pitcher in the Double AA match up against the Rays, we decided to take in a few innings.

We sat with Kelly's family and other minor leaguers with the 20 year old stud on the mound. It felt amazingly similar to watching a little league baseball game. With most fans up the street at the big league club, we got an up close and personal experience with the best prospects in the Sox system.

Kelly went 3 innings, allowing one earned run and some loud outs, but there is no doubt the kid has a ton of talent. He's got a live fastball with late movement and a great breaking ball, but got into trouble at times when missing a few of his spots over the plate.

I know we're pretty high on Iggy (our new nickname for Iglesias, pass it on) as it is, but he managed to confirm our man love even more today. He made a smooth backhanded play to his right and showed off a strong arm across the diamond to get a speedy runner. At the plate, he went 2 for 3, going to the opposite field with an outside fastball and hitting a triple to the left-center gap (ITM note: we have exclusive video of the triple, and other minor league happenings....we can call it exclusive because there were no other cameras there today....we'll post it once we get home).

We also managed to take in a bit of the Triple AAA game which was being played simultaneously on the adjacent field. Lars Anderson (pic below) worked a walk and showed off some speed around the bases, scoring from first on a double.

After about 4 innings we ran up the street to City Palms Park to take in the last few innings of the big league club. We got in to see Marco "don't hate on me" Scutaro hit a tater to give the Sox a 3-0. The high number players were quickly substituted in and the game ended at 6-0. After asking around, we were told Wakefiled was lights out for 5 quick innings....making Tito's job that much more difficult of course.

Here are a few blackberry pictures from the day, better pics/video to follow once we're back to upload them:

....yes, that last pic is a list of do's and don'ts for living with alligators......where are we???

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