Tuesday, March 23

A Few Short Videos From Ft Myers

You gotta love reality slapping you in the face. There is nothing like returning from Florida to the low 40's and pouring rain. With that in mind, a few short videos below help bring us back:

Dice-K taking on a minor league hitter at the training complex (ITM note: the hitter in this video is 16 years old. Yep, 16).

Here's Iggy tagging a triple in a Double AA game. Terrible camera operator, but we'll blame it on the beverages.

A near senseless video, but look at the quick hands! Man love for Iggy.

A close up look at Casey Kelly's mechanics. Short stride?

Lars Anderson, our 2008-2009 hero in the making....with the whiff.

We'll post a few more pictures etc sooner than later as well.

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