Monday, March 22

Signing Off From Ft Myers

ITM concluded an amazingly successful trip to Ft Myers today. Joe Murph has just taken off for JFK and I'm left to conclude our trip via blackberry. Ft Myers airport is much less appealing when you're leaving, but we got the most out of our short stay in Boston South.

As many of you know by now, the Sox lost 11-9 today to a Rays team that featured the majority of its major league talent with James "big game" Shields on the mound. Shields pitched well for the Rays, and we decided it's games like today that gave James his nickname....(seriously, how did he really earn that nickname before pitching in a single big game?).

Anyways, some quick takeaways from the City of Palms Park:

-Boof Bonser, today's starter for the home team got through the first inning cleanly...but that's about it. The Rays teed off on him after that. The burly right hander surrendered a tater to Longoria and let up base hit after base hit afterwards. Later in the day he told the team he was suffering from some groin problems while on the mound. The jury remains out on Boof....awesome name aside.

-We decided today that while Jacoby and Dustin have been on point, the biggest surprise in our eyes was the play of Mike Cameron. He blasted yet another gap-ball double in the middle innings and showed off his power all weekend. We're eagerly awaiting his performance once the games begin to count, but as of right now, he's been very impressive.

-JD Drew got picked off first base which Joe Murph responded: "yea, but didn't he look like a gazelle doing it?" Some people are just amazing.

-This just in, Evan Longoria is a stud. He blasted an absolute shot off the scoreboard in the 6th inning, his second of the day. He also displayed an impressive glove with a great play down the third base line. That said, we were quick to remind ourselves, and everyone around us, of the recent story where Tampa's coach called Beltre the hands down best glove he's ever made us feel better at the time.

-Not that it's about winning at this point, but the Sox managed to drop every game while we were down here.....and they were never in this game. Despite the 11-9 final, it was only made close as a result of some garbage time production in the 8th and 9th by guys no one has heard of.

Alright, it's boarding time so I'll cut this short for now. We'll be posting more throughout the week on our thoughts and include pics/video.

We'll miss Ft Myers, and sinking adult beverages at 2am in front of a fire (see above), but we're already planning our trip for next year. It's an annual requirement at this point.


Soxin10' said...

Good to hear about Cameron. Looks like he'll be really important for turning the lineup over.

And welcome back to lovely New England. 40 and raining.

DVicino said...

It's been a hard slap in the face coming home. Back to reality....only three months away from getting weather like we were just in.

....but less than two weeks away from watching the Red Sox season opener....that helps.

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