Wednesday, March 17

ITM: Ft Myers Bound

Remember when you were a 9 year old kid? You had a four page Christmas wishlist full of complete crap that somehow seemed like true necessities at the time? Remember how excited you used to get on Christmas eve as a result? Well that's pretty much how we here at ITM feel right now.

Only this year I don't have a Larry "Grandmama" Johnson poster or Tony, Toni, Tone, CD on my wishlist, and it's not Christmas eve's Ft Myer's eve.

We'll be cutting our already unproductive workdays short tomorrow as it's time to head south for an extended weekend of baseball, sun, adult beverages and March Madness.

We'll do our best to keep the blog updated with some pictures and thoughts as we take in four ballgames and enjoy the surroundings.

Feel free to drop a comment or shoot us an email if you've gotspecific questions on how players look (not just Heidi). If you make it attempt to keep it clean we may post it, but a few of you clowns last year ruined your chances by the third word of your email.

Go Sox.


Soxin10' said...

You guys going to get to see Iglesias at all since he was sent down to the minors?

See How Much I Poured? said...

We're going to make every effort to see him at the minor league facility which is only a few miles away from City of Palms Park. You have to drive through a ghetto to get there, but we'll make it.

Unless he looks absolutely terrible I'm sure I'll write in saying he's the next Hanely love.

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