Tuesday, March 16

The Priceless Dusty Quotes Are Endless...

A quick afternoon post for those of you who may have missed a classic Pedroia comment today.....

Pedroia to his new teammate John Lackey:

"Hey Lackey, I heard you signed here for the minimum just so you don’t have to face me anymore."

With no real formal response from Lackey, he's got a long way until he's fully assimilated into Dustin Pedroia's clubhouse. Expect more to ball busting to follow.

ITM is currently considering ways to make Dusty come out with us for some beers while we're down in Ft Myers....first inclination is to just make fun of him until he likes us......talk about priceless.

Go Sox.

1 comment:

Soxin10' said...

It never ends with this guy. He must have gotten beat up a lot growing up.

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