Monday, March 22

ITM's Last Day - Facing Reality......Later

It's our last day in Ft Myers.....the skies are starting to clear and they'll definitely be able to get today's game in. Our fridge (pictured above) is evidence of the sad reality we lonely yuengling beer......some nasty Floridian water.....the Kia Rio gets returned tonight....and we make the unfortunate trip back North.

We need to check out in about 20 mins, but J Murph refuses to repack his stuff......he has yet to face the facts.

Today's game however, features what is likely to be Boston's starting lineup on opening addition, we're rushing down to the minor league complex to watch Boston's newest addition, John Lackey, throw a few innings in a minor league game.

Boof Bonzer gets the start at City of Palms Park....needless to say we'll sink a few beers and giggle every time they announce his name. Boof.....can't get enough of it.

More to come on our last day....Go Sox. Go Boof.

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