Sunday, March 14

Shout Out to Ryan Westmoreland

We often joke around here on ITM, but when it comes to a teenager having to go through brain surgery, that's no laughing matter. As a result, my moral compass wouldn't allow me to go to sleep tonight without a quick post to wish Ryan Westmoreland good luck.

Westmoreland, 19, one of Boston's top prospects, will go in for brain surgery on Tuesday (presumably at MGH) for what the media is calling cavernous malformations.

I'm not a doctor, nor do I pretend to even know the proper pronunciation of the condition, but I did a quick good search and here is what I got (courtesy of the Mayo clinic):

Cavernous malformations are vascular malformations in the brain or spinal cord. Also known as brain cavernous hemangiomas or cavernomas, cavernous malformations are groups of abnormally tiny and larger, thin-walled blood vessels filled with blood that may slowly seep into surrounding tissue. The leakage of blood from the cavernoma may be more significant and cause what is called a hemorrhage.

One good thing I get out of the above is that it doesn't sound cancerous....but it certainly sounds like something you wouldn't wish on best of luck to Ryan. Get well soon.

PS: David Beckham blew out his achilles earlier today, erasing any chances of him playing in the world cup and possibly ending his career. Soccer? That's right, I only care because I did the same thing and my blogging career was in question for some time.


Anonymous said...

A David Bechkam comment? Are u kidding? Let's keep it to baseball.

See How Much I Poured? said...

I'll give it a shot. God forbid I make mention of a possible career ending injury (one that I just recovered from) to perhaps the most popular athlete not named Tiger in the world.....only a few months before the World Cup no less.

That said, the focus should be on Westmoreland, so I'll accept the pushback.

Baseball it is.

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