Saturday, March 13

Cameron is Fighting Father Time, and Winning

Sometimes, I get back to my computer and there are 8 quick gchat IM's from Joe Murph's waiting for me. It's rare, but when it happens, I know he's shaking like a school girl at his computer. I've known Joe since I can literally hear his voice get higher as he fails to control his excitement.

Yesterday, he nearly reached the end of the internet to find the carve out below from I felt the need to pass it along:

"Mike Cameron, 37, who barely finished behind Jacoby Ellsbury in all of the Sox's agility and speed drills on the first day of spring training, has led National League center fielders in UZR each of the past two seasons."

Has Cameron found the fountain of youth? Most guys are hanging them up at 37, instead, he's checking in right behind one of the best athletes in the game in all of the agility and speed drills? (a player who is also over 10 years younger) Really?

There is no denying that going from J-Bay to Mike Cameron is an overall downgrade, but like true Sox fans, we're searching for optimism.

That said, we all have questions about his 300 likely strikeouts (plus or minus), moving Jacoby to left field, and the actual importance of UZR's.

For Cameron especially, time will tell. Red Sox fans will either love him, or hate him.

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