Wednesday, March 31

"Youk's Jerky"? Is This Email For Real?

(This guy has "I'll be your sponsor" written all over him right?)....

The ITM mailbox gets its fair share of emails. Most are promotional or charity offerings from local and/or made up organizations looking for free exposure....but this one may take home the prize for most random thus far in 2010....

"To whom it may concern, my name is ******* and I consult for a company called PLB Sports. PLB Sports is a company that focuses on creating food products that are endorsed by athletes. For example, if you've ever seen Dustin Pedroia's salsa in the Boston area? PLB is the company that created that product.

I am writing to you today because PLB is bringing out another product in the Boston area and I need your help. PLB's new product is a beef jerky with Kevin Youkilis (Youk's Jerky), and I have convinced PLB to send out samples to particular people in return for them doing a blog post about the product (if you want to do tweets and mention on Facebook, then by all means). I've looked through various Boston Red Sox's blogs and forums, and believe that your site could be beneficial to PLB publicity-wise. So, if you are interested in the promotion, I would ask that you would please respond tothis email with your contact information so that we can discuss further details (i.e. info in blog post, where to send the jerky, etc.)

Thank you for your time,"

Really? Youk's Jerky? Is this for real? What's next? Pedroia's Legos? Beckett's Dip? JD's Snuggie?

Either way, ITM will likely be asking for a box or two...

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