Sunday, April 18

Going Around the Horn - With Anger Everywhere

Some random ramblings after the Rays punched us in the face all weekend long:

-Are the Rays this good....or are the Sox that bad? Unfortunately for Red Sox Nation, the eye test says both.

-I have zero confidence in Boston's ability to win a series against teams with quality pitching

-Jacoby is missed, the lineup needs the jump start

-The Sox can't handle the Ray's speed, pitching, lineup, or's early, I know, but that's not a good sign for the Nation's post season aspirations

-The Rays are undefeated on the road. I don't care if it's only two weeks into the season, that's studly.

-The weather and team performance has a lot to do with it, but the Fenway faithful were amazingly quiet this weekend. I'm pretty sure I made more noise than the park did....granted I was slightly over served and bowling strikes at Jillians, but still.

-Is it me, or did this weekend feel like the 2008 ALCS. The Rays are making a statement. The Sox have tomorrow's game to try to save some kind of face.

-It's sad that Tek and Pedey are our power hitters....think about how terrible the offense would be without Pedey's numbers. (I was going to launch into specific player's offensive struggles, but I ultimately decided it was much simpler and concise to point out the producers at this point)

-Pedey said it right last night: "We need to do everything better......or we're not going to be a playoff team, we've got teams that want to kick our ass". Spot on Pedey, you should write for ITM.

-Who is this Jade McCarthy chick? I'm sure she's quite nice, likes the Sox, and is articulate...but where's Heidi? Get Heidi back in the lineup and this is a different team, she's the spark plug we need.

-Just a reminder that Boston's record is 4-8. 1-5 at home. The Pittsburgh Pirates are 7- 5.

-The Rays starting rotation is deep....very much comparable to Boston's....yet it's at less than one quarter of the cost of Boston's staff (9.75 million in 2010, while Boston's is well into the 40's)

-If anyone saw or can find video of Joanna Hill (Seth from Superbad) throwing out the first pitch at Fenway today, I want to hear/see how it went. My boy is clearly not scared of carbs.

-I'm only in slight freak out mode at this point....I'll give the Sox the benefit of 30-40 games before I start lighting things on fire.

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Anonymous said...

I expect more hate is on the way after today's performance.

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