Thursday, April 15

ITM Over or Under

The Tampa Bay Rays are coming to Boston for the weekend. Let's play a little over or under:
  1. Over or under 3 home runs for Evan Longoria
  2. Over or under 12 stolen bases for the Rays
  3. Over or under 2 throws into center field for Victor Martinez
  4. Over or under 7 strike outs for David Ortiz
  5. Over or under 1 "lets go Bruins" chant

This is going to require some reader participation, time for all our fans to give something back and let us know what you think. My thoughts are as follows:

  1. Over
  2. Over
  3. Under
  4. Way Over
  5. Under


ITM-Vicino said...

Since I knew you were doing the post, I'll kick it off:

1. Under (he'll hit two)
2. Over (unfortunately)
3. Over (way too many chances for this not to happen)
4. Depends on how many games he starts, if all four, he'll strike out 8 times and blame he expected cold weather/rain/snow.
5. You could have said negative two and I'd still take the under.

Go Sox.

Soxin10' said...

I'll bite:

1- Over - Longoria kills the Sox!
2- Over - Easiest over/under ever
3- Over - See above
4- Under - Praying!
5- Over - Let's have a little faith

Also, over/under 2 Boston wins? - I'll take the over.

debbiedowner said...

1- Over
2- Over - Crawford may steal 12 bases on his own this series.
3- Over- too many chances to screw it up
4- Over
5- Under

Over/Under on wins - Under.

ITM-Vicino said...

Debbiedowner....appropriate name with those answers. Fingers crossed you're not right.

Anonymous said...


You can call it cheating with last night's game, but it's not good either way.

Joe Murph said...

A little bit late, but:

1) Under
2) Over
3) Over
4) Under
5) Under

Tim Murphy said...

Not a lot of love for the B's, although they are down 2-0 in game 2 already.

ITM-Vicino said...

The B's are about the only thing we have to cheer for right now. This Sox team is amazingly frustrating thus far.

Are the Rays that good? Or are the Sox just that bad?

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