Wednesday, April 28

I Was Starting to Get Worried

They only way the Sox are going to dig out of this hole (and they're back to .500) is with great pitching. Last night it started with Clay Buchholz and tonight it continued with Jon Lester, just the way Theo drew it up, kind of.

I wasn't sure which Lester was going to show up tonight, but he was dominate striking out 11 in 7 very strong innings. Bard continues to bring the heat, and Pap was confidence inspiring as Sox pitching combined to strike out 15 Blue Jays tonight. Coupled with Buchholz start last night, Red Sox fans finally have something to feel good about in this very young 2010 season.

With back to back great starts from starting pitching, pretty good defense, and solid relief pitching things appear to be back on track in the Nation. It will be interesting to see what the tone is tomorrow as a lot of people were ready to give up on the season, it's a long season people, they still have 140 games to play.

Day off tomorrow and the weekend rotation lines up with Lackey on Friday, Dice K making his debut on Saturday and JB taking the mound to close out the weekend in Baltimore.

I have no idea what to expect from Dice K, but JB has to turn it around and what better team to do it against then the Orioles. When (because I assume he will) Beckett figures it out it looks like the Sox will be running 4 quality starters out there, and 1 Kamikaze Pilot on the 5th day. I'm still not sure this team is good enough to make the playoffs, but as I said, there's a lot of baseball left to play.

Cheers to Darnell McDonald who continues to do everything right. McDonald scored the 1st run tonight and drove in the second with an RBI single. I personally thought his 15 minutes were going to last that one night, however he's been huge with Cameron and Ellsbury out. Seriously Cameron, take your time coming back.

Jeers to the Red Sox line up. Obviously they just swept the Jays and things are going well, but as the top of an inning ended I saw the "due up for the Sox...Varitek, Beltre, Hall", and I died a little inside. You just have to hope the guys in the bullpen don't have a tv on.

I'm all for the playoff hockey beard, I myself can not grow consistent facial hair yet, but Tom Caron needs to give it up, it's not helping, it's actually hurting. Bruins have home ice against the Flyers in the semi-finals, we'll see if Jacks' snowball continues to grow in round 2.

Lastly, and this has nothing to do with the Sox, Jake Peavy is killing my fantasy team. 5 runs in the first inning tonight, come on guy. I traded Mark Texieria for him last year (who's slow starts are becoming legendary), 5 minutes later he was on the DL for the season and this is how he starts 2010. Absolute junk, now I'm not sleeping nights, my 2008 championship feels like 86 years ago.

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