Wednesday, April 28

A Solid Win With Great Pitching? Really?

(lately, he'll either strike you out or steal your laptop)

Maybe I'm confused since I was switching back and forth from the Sox to the Celts, but did our baseball team just have a quality win?
It might be their first of the year, great pitching, timely "hitting", a quiet 9th inning and decent defense.

Certainly fans can point to Beltre's 19th error of the season (which is a lot considering we were promised a guy who was so good on the hot corner that he doesn't wear a cup). One could also say Boston's lack of true hitting against Macrum was concerning, as well as their propensity of one run victories (six straight)....but I'll take it.

Buchholz essentially told the rest of the staff to man up, take their skirts off, and get on his back.....coming through with a huge performance to save Tito from putting JD Drew on the mound in the 7th. Buchholz's ERA? 2.19....see how much he poured???

To prove yet again that everything relates back to either Major League, Tommy Boy, or Spaceballs.....We need to assume Tito will be using the following quote in the locker room:
"You guys won today. You guys won yesterday, so that's two in a row. If you win again tomorrow, that's called a winning streak. IT HAS HAPPENED BEFORE"

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Soxin10' said...

Looks like Lester "took his skirt off" tonight. He's been vintage Lester. Now if the bullpen can only hold a lead!!

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