Monday, April 12

Ramon, Que Paso Brosef?

The Red Sox offense has shown up over the past two games, temporarily calming our concerns around lineup production.

So, being a typical Bostonian, I can't let people forget about another issue after the first six games.

No, not Ortiz (this time)

Ramon Ramirez.

What the heck has happened to this guy? He's gone from a lights out, dependable reliever to someone that gets shelled every time he takes the hill. He's gotta be hurt right?

I know he hardly says anything in the clubhouse and is not comfortable speaking English, is he not telling us something? His numbers certainly are..... He's not right.

He's gone Clay Meredith on us since August of last year and most of us have overlooked it.
Remember how unhittable this guy was for the majority of 09'? Now he's the pitching equivalent of David Ortiz.....crapping his pants everytime he takes the hill.

We saw him during our trip down to Ft Myers and he got lit up by some Single A players.
Between the disappearance of Ramirez and the fact that Delcarmen has pulled a Rick Vaughn on us and lost his fastball, Tito may exhaust Bard and Oki by June.

....That said...Big Jon Sutd (Lester) on the mound at 4:10 today. Let's hope he goes deep into the game and saves the few members of our bullpen who can get an out these days.
How awesome would it be if Ortiz hits the first tater at the Twins new stadium? Unlikely, but money nonetheless.
Go Sox.


Soxin10' said...

Maybe you should stop calling him "big jon stud" until he gives us a stud of a performance this year. Not saying I'm concerned, but he's yet to be himself.

ITM-Vicino said...

At this point, I'm going to keep calling him that until he proves my point, because we all know he will.

He's never been a strong guy out of the gate. It's start number two, the numbers will be there.

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