Saturday, April 10

Suffering Through a Loss, At a Bar, Without Sox Fans

The Red Sox are putting me in a tough position. A goal of mine (and ITM-Gal's) for 2010 was to practice greater emotional control when Red Sox season started.

"Just enjoy the game" she says.

I've been trying.

Last night was a true, early test.

After enjoying a great dinner with friends, we decided to join some of ITM-Gal's grad school friends at a local bar. In my head, I knew the bar only had one TV, so I had game planned my seat selection perfectly. A few minutes later, the game was on, I had the perfect seat-to-TV sight line, drinks were ordered and the Sox were winning. Things were looking up.

Until things went bad. I was meeting some of ITM-Gal's grad school friends for the first time, naturally we were all asking each other a lot of questions. The only problem was, being a full time graduate student at a top business school means most of her friends are not from Boston. In fact, last night, none of them were.

They could have cared less about the game. I made multiple attempts at talking about what was that was going on RIGHT BEHIND THEM.


The score gets closer, 3-2, Sox.

So as the game went on, Oki's struggles continued, and a player ITM has hyped up more than Tiger's return to golf (Bard) comes in and surrenders the lead for the second night in the row.

It's the 8th inning, the Sox are now losing to the lowly Royals 4-3. But the table doesn't notice.

I kept thinking, don't they know a loss would drop us to 1-3 and we have to face Cy Young award winner Zack Grienke tomorrow? Clearly they didn't.

I'm squirming in my seat at this point. I excuse myself, run to the bathroom to text message and or call multiple friends in order to scream about the Sox bullpen one answers.

I'm screwed.

Enter Soria. Cameron singles. Breathe.

A sacrifice and a strike out later, Dusty strolls to the plate with two outs in the 9th and the tying run in scoring position.

Of course, at that exact time, the conversation at the table turns to me. Pedroia is up, fouling away pitch after pitch, and everyone is looking at me to answer random questions about work/travel/marriage life etc. I'm sure my answers made no sense as I struggled to keep an eye on Pedroia and pretend like I was engaged in the conversation.

6 two strike foul tips later, as I neared blacking out, Pedroia flew out to rightfield and the Sox had lost.

I was squeezing my fists so hard under the table I'm sure my face was turning red.

There was no one to bitch to, no one to commiserate with....this is not how you're supposed to live. I swear ITM-Gal knew exactly what was going on the entire time and enjoyed seeing me sweat it out. Probably pay back for leaving the toilet seat down, or never keeping my half of the bedroom clean. It was well deserved in that regard.

The Sox are not making this 2010 goal of mine any more attainable with their early play, but it's somehow easier when you're surrounded by Sox fans going through the same ups and downs.

Tonight's game can't start soon enough....Go Sox.


Anonymous said...

I feel for you man... I've been in that situation so many times. Sucks, especially when the Sox lose.

ITM-Vicino said...

Yeah, if it were a blowout in either direction than it wouldn't have been as bad. But a close game, when your starter gives you 7great innings, and you end up losing a heartbreaker to an inferior team? That's a killer in that siutation.

We've all been there, but this is an attempt at documenting that battle for all us out there.

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