Thursday, April 1

Spring Training in Italia? Sì Per Favore

This story actually ran in the Globe yesterday, but letting it go without mention would be like being in the batter's box with a three and one count, only to watch a 87 mph meatball go right down the middle.

Now I know some people see playing spring training baseball games in Southern Italy as "unamerican" and even, "unitalian", but that's certainly not my take.

We already make a big deal about going to Ft Myers for spring training in March now, imagine going to Sicily in March, warm weather, the Italian culture, Mediterranean women, amazing food, and Red Sox baseball. "Ma, per me, come un Vicino, è una bella cosa" (but, for me, as a Vicino, it's a beautiful thing).

...Perhaps we should also consider the idea of expanding the game's appeal, yadda yadda yadda.

After reading the article I immediately called ITMgal, who informed me that if I'm taking her to Italy it's not to watch baseball. No matter, I know that other Vicino's along with T and Joe Murph (Irishness aside) will be joining should my utopia world should it occur.

Also, can you imagine Pedroia in Sicily? There would be no middle ground. He'd either get himself killed, or be an immediate icon on the island.

Who can I call to support this? Obama? Let's get this done. Maybe I'll draft up a memo of ITM's support.

What are your thoughts on this? Unamerican and taking away from the smaller southern cities in the US? Or a complete utopia?
(ITM note: keep in mind, it's not for all of spring training, just a few games...i'm not trying too hard to sway your opinion with that statement)


Soxin10' said...

Your excitement is understood, and the picture is a selling point, but it just doesn't seem right to me.

I can see it both ways, but I'm sure most of the players would rather stay in the US. They travel enough during the season.

ITM-Vicino said...

The travel would certainly be a burden, but selfishly speaking, I want this to happen.

Anonymous said...

Appealing to the lucky few who could afford it, annoying and "UnAmerican" to the rest.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of basketball teams do it - think back to the Celts a few years ago, several of the big D-1 schools, always in Italy. Why not baseball? Any hint of an international appeal is good for the game, not "UnAmerican."

ITM-Vicino said...

Certainly a number of other sports make this work....and I absolutely agree with boosting the game's international appeal.

However, the feedback I've heard/read on this topic is that it's "America's game" and we need to keep the money in the US. Not my opinion (clearly), but it's out there. I'm sure most of those individuals don't own a passport either.

Anonymous said...

Baseball is our sport. So. Italy does have the weather for it but not the interest. Too many costs involved, although the players and, especially their wives, may be willing to pay for some of those costs. The union will not.
Ft Myers is a great place to be in March and you can't beat the price or the baseball. Italy is for romance, food, the history, and, ok football(sic).

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