Tuesday, April 6

Strengths Sink Sox Against Yanks

Starting pitching, defense and the bullpen. All are viewed as strengths for the upcoming season for the Red Sox.

Tonight however, not so much. Lester, who looked electric at times, struggled with his control and only got through five innings. The bullpen didn't fare much better as Oki surrendered a bases loaded walk as well as the lead in the 8th inning. Although it wasn't all his fault....

Marco Scutaro's two out throwing error allowed for the inning to continue. While the Yanks committed three errors to the Sox one, Boston's late miscue proved more significant.
Neither team can feel great about their respective wins....but it's game two, we can't rush to any judgements.

Some additional thoughts:

-David Ortiz is going to drive me absolutely nuts. Don't give me the "we need to wait until the weather gets warm" crap...it's been 75 degrees all week. Tomorrow is headed for 85. Sure, he needs to earn a seat on the bench, but also needs to earn his secured spot in the lineup. Time will tell.

-I continue to hate Jorge Posada with a passion. For me, he's baseball's version of Karl Malone.....and man do I always have some choice words when his name comes up.

-Jeter may be limited in his range, but his timing and baseball IQ remains second to none at short. Gotta respect that.

-It's nice to see Beltre is off to solid start. Hopefully he doesn't put too much pressure on himself and lets the game (and production numbers) come to him.

-I can't wait to see what V-Mart 's full season numbers look like. It should be an interesting season of contract talks.

-Did JD Drew play tonight? I don't remember seeing him at all.

-D Bard's breaking stuff is nasty when it follows a hundy spot fastball. Ask A-rod

-Marcus Thames? Really?

Myself and some college buddies are headed right to Remy's Sports Bar after work tomorrow. If we can get in, I'll report back with some thoughts. If I'm smart, I won't blog from the b-berry after the 5th inning, it could be messy.


girlanachronism said...

Agree re Posada. Can't stand him.

ITM-Vicino said...

I'm pretty sure the hatred runs so deep that even if he was on the Sox I wouldn't like him.

Putting him in Karl Malone's status of hate is as high as you can go in my book.

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