Saturday, April 24

The Unthinkable

No, the title of this quick post isn't related to the Sox actually winning a game, or Ortiz putting one out of the park.....instead, the unthinkable happened last night, in that Beltre walked.

Not only did he walk. He walked with the bases loaded....with the game on the line....something I would have said was "unpossible" before the at bat. I thought he'd sooner throw the bat at a ball 3 feet off the plate before walking with the bases loaded....but I'll take it.

I'll admit, with everything going on in Boston sports last night, I had the Red Sox somewhat on the back burner....partly because I'm not happy with their play, and also because I couldn't remember what the heck channel NESN Plus was. That should never happen again.

-We're getting closer to May, so it makes sense that Lester pitched considerably better last night. That's back to back quality starts for the Red Sox....weird. Dice-K will surely ruin any streak the Sox try to put together in that category when he comes back to the team next week.

-It's 70 degrees and sunny out....I need to stop blogging and get outside...I'll close it with another priceless Pedey quote courtesy of WEEI:

Dustin Pedroia was limping after the game, with a wrap on his left ankle. His response when asked about the ailment? Predictable. “You can’t hurt steel.”

Now he just needs to get out of his current 1 for 20 slump...

Keep an eye out for ITM on the monster tomorrow....Wake is on the we're assuming we'll have all sorts of chances at grabbing a tater ball.

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