Thursday, April 22

Heidi Watney: The Real Key to Success

Boston's pitching has been horrendous. The numbers put them squarely at the bottom of the AL in nearly every category.

The bats, save for a few late inning heroics, have been scary silent.

Defense? Haven't seen it.....certainly not tonight.

Long relief? No chance.

Ellsbury was just diagnosed with a hairline fracture in 4 of his ribs.

6 wins, 10 loses...really?

Things are not going well for the Sox.

But the biggest problem isn't listed above, it's Heidi. Boston's sideline superstar (and Red Sox Nation morale-booster) has been MIA of late. Today, we finally learned it was a result of a concussion. She's been told to lay low and not work for a while. Imagine the headache she must have after being concussed and watching the Sox for the past week or two?

I haven't been able to get through watching two innings without wanting to repeatedly kick large objects.

Clearly the team, and the fans miss her ummmmm, passion. She's an essential contributor to the organization, and without her, the team doesn't have the ability to compete with the league's best.....or, in tonight's case, show any element of being a quality team itself.

Feel better Heidi, the Sox need ya.

And oh, we do too.
(if you didn't notice, this was my attempt at not blogging with complete anger tonight. I needed something to somewhat divert my attention from that pathetic offensive showing)

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