Wednesday, April 21

Will Theo Sleep Tonight?

How much sleep do you think Theo Epstein is getting lately? I'd wager not a lot. After selling all of Red Sox Nation on run prevention and great pitching all off season you can't find a bottle of Nyquil in a CVS anywhere in the Nation.

The 2010 Red Sox are not as bad their 5-9 record would indicate, but they sure have played like it, if not worse. I'm choosing not to freak out yet considering it's April and they are playing their 15th game of the season tonight.

I'm not worried about Cameron's defense. He made an error and under the microscope of Theo's "we'll win with pitching and defense", it looked ten thousand times worse. Couple that with the kidney stones (never had them, and I'd contempt visiting Dr Jack before passing one) and adjusting to Fenway Park there's only one way to go and that's up. Scutaro at short might be another story, I haven't decided yet.

That said, there are a number of disturbing trends and problems through 14 games and if they are not addressed or work themselves out...well I don't want to think about what Vicino would do.

I still believe that David Ortiz should grab some pine and stay there, and not just against lefties. I heard a stat today that he's seen 14 straight fastball and hasn't put a single one of them in play. The sad part is if you asked me to guess I probably would have went higher, at least 25, maybe even all year.

Vlad Guerrero stole 2 bases last night, let's sit back and digest that. If we jumped in a time machine to 1997 and that happened against the Montreal Expos I'd be okay with that, this guy use to be a 30/30 player. Now he runs with a piano, the kitchen table, and living room set on his back. (Good news is that if Sox pitching gives up a home run off the Jordan's Furniture sign that living room set is free!)

Part of last night's felonious activity on the base paths, 9 stolen bases, was due to the fact Wakefield was pitching and he's notoriously bad at holding runners on and he throw's a knuckle ball. The other part was Rub Baker, excuse me, Victor Martinez. If he can't figure it out behind the plate...wait what's that? Three Doors Down? Kryptonite? That's Jason Varitek's music!

Okay so I just blatantly ripped off Jim Ross and Bill Simmons to a lesser extent. Point is that with two thirds the starting outfield on the DL, opposing teams running around the bases like a little league game, the starting pitching sporting the worst ERA in the American League, and piss poor defense you might be seeing more of Tek behind the plate and more Victor at DH. Don't rule out the Sox trading for a catcher, Tek is not a long term option behind the dish if V-Mart isn't your guy.

So where am I mentally? Not ready to throw in the towel, but I'm also sick of watching the Springfield Isotopes out there.

Lost in everything that's happened, the Sox won last night!

One quick story. Email from my buddy Chris around lunch time, "Sox called up Reddick, kind of wish the called up this kid McDonald, he's raking at Pawtucket. " Text from me to Chris at 6pm last night, "Your boy McDonald got called up." The rest is really history and a few more texts were traded, great night for McDonald. Chris really needs a job in some front office, the Royals maybe?

JB is on the hill tonight, he looked great Friday against a much better Ray's line up. Pitch well JB, Theo needs some shut eye.


Anonymous said...

Keep the hate blogs coming, the last few have worked into walkoffs!

DVicino said...

A few come from behind walk-offs are nice....but it just serves to mask the continuing starting picthing problems.

aka...hate blogging is the best.

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