Sunday, May 9

At Least They Weren't Swept

It looks like the Sox will salvage the final game of this series vs the Yankees (9-2 in the 8th inning) which is as much as we were hoping for heading into tonight's game. After getting drubbed Friday and Saturday night by the bombers I was drifting back into my "wtf Theo, this team sucks" zone, similar to last weekend after the Orioles swept the Sox. However I'll put that on hold once again.

Despite Lester looking good tonight and the bats breaking out against AJ Burnett, Red Sox Nation still has to feel like they're third best team in the AL East, and they're in 4th right now. The month of May is probably going to go a long way in defining the 2010 Red Sox and if they're playing baseball this October. After the Yanks leave town tonight the Sox play Toronto, Detroit, 2 with Minnesota, Philidelphia, Tampa Bay, and the Kansas City to round out May.

Excluding the Blue Jays and Royals, the Sox will be playing some of the better teams in the American League and probably the best team in the National League in the Phillies. If the Sox can go somewhere in the area of 15-10 in the month of May they can make a charge through the summer and into the playoffs. Make no mistake about it that it's still early on in the season, but as the Rays and Yankees keep winning, the Sox will have to win that many more games just to contend with the Wild Card. Right now, I have the Sox finishing 3rd, they're just not as good as Rays and Yanks.

Depending how May finishes the Red Sox 2010 season could be going down in flames on Memorial Day.

Thoughts from Sunday Night Baseball:

- I texted a few people, we all confirmed our well known belief that Joe Morgan is terrible, and we miss Steve Phillips being the third man in the booth. Pretty sure Jon Miller called JD Drew Stephen tonight...amateur hour. Harold Reynolds on line 1?

- Alex Rodriguez looks a lot skinnier these days, stay off the juice kids.

- Adrian Beltre is wearing glasses now? Was his problem on defense that he couldn't see the ball? Theo should have written into his contract that he has to wear them.

- I thought AJ Burnett's biggest mistake tonight was throwing David Ortiz a fastball on a 3-2 count in the 3rd inning after Ortiz just missed the fastball before. If Ortiz is sitting dead red on a fastball he's going to hit it, he's not that terrible, not yet at least.

- Celtics evening up the series with the Cavs and the Bruins looking to close out the Flyers tomorrow night, the Garden will be rocking.


ITM-Vicino said...

I'd be willing to bet that Rondo could play a better thirdbase than Beltre right now. With or without a cup.

Commenting while stuck at JFK...trick question, Vicino is god.

Soxin2099' said...

"wtf Theo, this team sucks"

A phrase we are all screaming way too often these days. I don't care if we salvaged a win, this team is a joke.

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