Monday, May 17

Crushing Loss

Not much to say tonight, outside of listing the people I want to punch in the throat right now:

-Every Yankee fan out there

-Karl Malone

-Dice-K (he gets a karate chop)

-Papelbon (he gets two punches)

I'm sure we'll hear how Pap's "long outing" of 2 and a third innings impacted tonight's performance. You're an elite major league ballplayer, essentially demanding to be the highest paid closer in the league, suck it up.

Hands down the worst loss for the Sox all year (among the many terrible losses). And with that, I'm going to flip my kitchen table over.

Games like this make me want to shut the blog down and buy a pink hat.


Papsucks said...

I think the Red Sox version of Gino below cursed last night's game.

Can't believe Papelbon referenced Mo's recent blown save as a way of saying "closers are human". Talk about apples and oranges.

ITM-Vicino said...

I'll take the blame for the Red Sox Gino curse below. I deserve it.

I did read that about Pap and thought it was ridiculous as well. That said, he had actually performed quite well for the last month, but for some reason he went back to nothing but fastballs (19 out of 19 pitches). Baffles my mind when you consider the success he's had mixing in two other pitches.

We'll see what tonight brings.

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