Wednesday, May 19

Stuck on the Green Line, So I'll Blog....

Major issues on the Green Line this morning. Couple that with the cold wind-driven rain and you've got one hell of a hump day. Although, it could've been a lot worse......

My father used to say that you can't truly judge a baseball team until they're 40 games into the season. Well, at 20 and 20 there is plenty to be worried about with this Red Sox team, we've been complaining about them for weeks and at this point, there simply are too many concerns to list.

Between the Celtics and the Sox, Joe Murph and I must of called each other 9 times last night to scream at our phones. I swear that a few of the phone calls were not conversations at all, just noise until we hung up as the next inning started or the Magic came out of a timeout.

One thing we know for sure is, before the season starts, we really don't know a thing. We shouldn't even try to predict what will happen.

This team has been ass backwards through the first 40 games. The hitting on the whole has been a pleasant surprise, while the pitching and defense rivals that of my West Wareham little league team....and even I knew I had to mix up my pitches and keep everything down in the zone.

Last night's comeback win over the Yankees was the 40th game of the season, at times, especially when Papelbon came in, I wanted to just shut it off and go to bed. I've come to expect the worst. "Just be happy that the C's won" I was thinking. A helluva shaky 9th inning somehow turned into a Sox victory, and Papelpon might not be "available" again until June.

Perhaps this is the tipping point game the Sox have been waiting for.

Or maybe it's the classic sign of a team that is just good enough to keep your irrational interest and optimism up, only to get raked by the Twins, Phillies and Rays in their upcoming match ups. Either way, it's the Sox, and it's in my/our blood to be senselessly hooked on this team.

PS: The Yanks are "protesting" the game? What are we seven years old? Bush league Girardi. Bush league.

PPS: I can't wait to read the Yankee media's comments are back to back blown saves by their god Mo Rivera.

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