Sunday, May 16

Eck: "No One Cares About Detroit"

Not a good weekend for the Sox, but since the Celtics took home a big game one victory, I'm not looking to blog myself into a terrible mood tonight.

Instead, we'll laugh as Eck offends the entire city of Detroit by indicating no one cares about them. A nice thing to say to a city with a 50% unemployment rate and enough ambandoned buildings to fill the entire city of Boston (both statements are true, I swear, look it up).

In the Question of the Day for Saturday, 100 percent of respondents feel the Detroit Tigers will not win the AL Central. "Even with a pretty good rotation, even with a closer like [Jose] Valverde, even with a come-behind-win, you said no," Tom Caron said."It's like a passionate thing," Dennis Eckersley added. "I don't think anybody cares about Detroit in particular," Eckersley noted.

Oh, and for the 100 percent of "the Nation" who believe the Tigers can't make the playoffs. That team just rolled over the Sox this weekend, so what does that say about us? Typical head in the sand response from Red Sox Nation.

ITM note: the same type of blinded response was seen today when 80 percent of the respondants said Jon Lester was a better lefthander than I hate CC more than anyone, but you can't convince me that Lester is the hands down better pitcher. It's simply not true.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to a better week, with Jacoby, Cameron, and Beckett coming back. If that doesn't work, I'll continue to require the Celtics to keep me sane.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the Eck. Detroit is a waste of space, just bulldoze it and turn the city into a windfarm!

Feel free to do the same with this red sox team too.

DVicino said...

Pretty strong words from an anonymous individual.

Then again, I guess beggers can't be choosers.

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